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The wedding - back in the day

Oh What a Day in April!

Many weddings today seem to still follow the traditional styling and often when I pass a Church or Town Hall and see a wedding in progress, I stop to have a nosey look, to see what the bride is wearing, the guests, the floral bouquets, and if it is sunny, remember back to my wedding in the 1970's, where I was lucky to have married a lovely Polish man and have our wedding in the Grand Brompton Oratory with an opera singer from Glyndebourne singing Gounot's Ave Maria.  I followed some of the traditional Polish ways, of the wedding ring on my right hand, eating salt and bread at the reception at the Polish Club, Ogniesko in Kensington, mixing that with some of my own Anglo-Indian/European traditions of wearing my mother's pearls, and a blue garter worn under my dress.  I wore, what I thought was one of the most beautiful dresses in the world, a copy of a Gina Fratini cream  silk  and lace dress, which I had seen worn in Vogue magazine by the beautiful actress, Sarah Miles. My future mother-in-law made my dress.   I loved my day and for me the traditional wedding still holds a special place in my heart. And I guess my wedding day still lingers around in the business I run, which focuses very much on bridal bags and bridal fashion . 

Our occasion bags feature pearls and diamantes. Pearls which talk of rarity and worth and diamante that adds  that special sparkle and glamour. Many of our pearl bags are hand sewn and each of these bags can take anything up to three days to make. Watch our YouTube footage of some of our bags being made. 

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